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Living in the Suburbs Etiquette Question

In Talking on August 8, 2011 by Edelweiss Tagged: ,

If you’re in your kitchen and hear your neighbor sneeze outside, should you say “Bless You”? Or does that ruin the illusion of privacy?

Me taking a creepy picture of my neighbor's yard from the kitchen window.




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This spring I started my first herb garden:

Awkward smile as Walrus decides to document "the first planting"

I have killed every plant in my past, crazy life and I was anxious I would destroy these. Herbs are expensive, I desperately wanted this to work so I could use fresh herbs more. Read More »


Sometimes when people say there’s no place to get coffee…

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…what they’re really saying is “There isn’t a Starbucks.” And by that they mean “there isn’t a Starbucks that doesn’t involve me making more than a 5 minute detour, and I don’t drink coffee from diners or delis.”

And that drives me crazy.

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