Sometimes when people say there’s no place to get coffee…

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…what they’re really saying is “There isn’t a Starbucks.” And by that they mean “there isn’t a Starbucks that doesn’t involve me making more than a 5 minute detour, and I don’t drink coffee from diners or delis.”

And that drives me crazy.

I wonder what things I do that are the equivalent of that? My perception of convenient is definitely impacted by where I live. One of my fears about our new life in the suburbs is how my idea of what’s close, or even of what’s “good” will be impacted by only looking at things in relation to my immediate surroundings.

Although I’m not too worried about it.

1. I was the person that would walk 45 minutes in Brooklyn instead of taking the subway and consider that a perfectly reasonable choice.

2. We’re living in a pretty great town for the suburban experience and

3. our past experiences will help how we judge things.

I bet I start complaining about something ridiculous like the 5 minute drive to the “good” grocery store is too far – but that’s not going to drastically shift my character.

I just feel like..

I’m better off being all or nothing. If I’m not living in a city, I should be living in the middle of nowhere. In a way that’s what makes this suburban experience more exciting and challenging, it’s something I never pictured myself doing.

And I do really want to to move to Montana or backroads Maine at some point.  Maybe I can include that in the life plan: 10 years city, 10 years suburbs (that sounds like FOREVER), then 10 years this:


I’ll continue to revel in the fact that Walrus brews me coffee every morning (and the night before when I want iced coffee – yeah I’m lucky).


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