There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea…

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I didn’t have Cable TV growing up. We had 2 VHS tapes: 1776 and Footloose. I’m sure the unique influence that had on my life will turn into a blog post at some point. But today I just realized that by missing out on cable in my life, I missed out on this:

My life could have been completely different.

(Although if you ever saw the way I serenade Walrus while he’s making dinner, you could argue my subconscious was deeply affected by this without even seeing it.)



30 Day Challenge: Make Things Pretty: Day 17

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Every day for the next 30 days I’ll spend at least 30 minutes making something prettier (or admiring beauty and therefore making my mind pretty!).

Day 17 (last night) Repaired the sash to my red dress

Start Time – 6:30pm

End Time– 7:00pm




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In the beginning of our relationship I used to love the nights I slept alone. I traveled for work quite often, and while it was trying in some areas, I loved spreading out in my hotel bed all alone. I loved being in bed with Walrus, but I also loved not having someone toss and turn beside me and being able to flail my arms about.

Now I sleep better feeling his weight in the bed beside me. I tried to nap today and couldn’t. It’s harder for me to relax and slip off without him. I still glorify in having the bed to myself if he has to get up early, but if I wake up in the night and he’s not there, I’m immediately sit up, filled with terror.

I know this feeling will ebb and flow. There will be years when I’ll want a King bed so that we have as much of our own space as possible, and there will be years that I can’t sleep if he’s not home.

I think the best thing I can wish for us is that with each ebb of independence in one aspect of our relationship, there is a flow of self-discovery from another place. And one of the best things I can do for our relationship to make sure as a need for companionship ebbs in one area, I work to bring affection and partnering flowing in another way.

Bluto tried to fill in, but it wasn't quite the same


The Best Way to Cook Corn

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Every year as we get to the end of the summer, I start to hear the clock ticking and then begin to freak out:


Seriously, I freak out and then I whine about it. I’m not proud.

It’s taken me until this summer to perfect my corn on the cob cooking skills, but I believe I’ve discovered the key. So now I will share it with you.

Corn on the Rooftop Garden at my work. Best.Place.Ever.

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Houseguests and Random Observations

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I missed a post yesterday. We’re in the process of hosting our good friend for 4 days. He’s leaving tomorrow and tomorrow night two of Walrus’ friends are coming for the weekend. I’ve already announced I’m going home early one night to read. There was a point in my life I could handle 6 nights of hosting, drinking, working a full-time job and staying effervescent and cheerful. That time has past.

Yesterday was rough. Fun, but rough. I woke up with a shot glass of water on my nightstand and a half-eaten fig newton on the coffee table. Apparently I was “nibbling on the fig newton like a squirrel” and then fell asleep on the couch and had to be told to go to bed. At 10pm. I’m classy.

On the news front, this 94 year old lady seems like she’s a good time. ” Direct quote: “It really is quite an occasion to have a blimp land in your yard.” AND she looks great.

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30 Day Challenge: Make Things Pretty: Days 15 and 16

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Every day for the next 30 days I’ll spend at least 30 minutes making something prettier (or admiring beauty and therefore making my mind pretty!).

Day 15 (two nights ago) Added flowers to Project Abandoned Embroidery

Start Time – Don’t remember, but I set my timer to ensure it was at least 30 minutes (we have a houseguest who can be very distracting – it was a true test of discipline!)

End Time– 10:20pm

Day 16 (yesterday) Got highlights! I’ve dyed my hair darker or left it natural since I was 18. Blonde is a weird, scary place.

Start Time – 10:15am

End Time– 12:00pm (it took forever!)





Old Lady Makers or Becoming a Dating Dinosaur

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Today I’m continuing to talk about things that make me feel old. My “meta” reflections on why will be in italics at the end of this post.

Here are three things that made me feel old today (JUST TODAY!):

1. Grinding used to be an occasional thing you saw and if someone did it seriously in high school they were kinda weird. Now apparently it’s all up in the clubs, and not the bars that me and my friends occasionally get drunk enough to turn into a club.

Apparently tutorials on how to avoid grinding have gone viral:

(By the way ladies, should you enjoy grinding – there is an ehow to help you do it right, I wish I were joking.)

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