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Today’s Headlines

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Things I’m reacting to that have nothing to do with the National Debt

1. Happy 50th, Mr. President.

2. There’s a recall of ground turkey and it’s super shady. The company that’s doing the recall isn’t the company listed on the packages. So – basically I can’t make my awesome turkey burgers for awhile because I don’t know who to trust. AND you can only get a refund on your turkey meat if the package is unopened. Not Fair. If you sell me poisonous meat and I hear about it while I’m cooking with your meat, I should get my money back. Read More »



First Post Celebration!

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I was finally inspired to start this blog because of the wonderful APW community – so I can’t think of a better first post than linking to this:

The Most Hilariously Effective Signs Supporting Gay Marriage

Not a protest sign, but my favorite sign so far (seen from the <heart!> Highline )