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The Best Way to Cook Corn

In Talking on August 19, 2011 by Edelweiss Tagged: ,

Every year as we get to the end of the summer, I start to hear the clock ticking and then begin to freak out:


Seriously, I freak out and then I whine about it. I’m not proud.

It’s taken me until this summer to perfect my corn on the cob cooking skills, but I believe I’ve discovered the key. So now I will share it with you.

Corn on the Rooftop Garden at my work. Best.Place.Ever.

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In Which News Sadness has Nothing to do with the Debt and Instead Involves Making a Pie

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I’m a little news obsessed. I wake up an hour early each day so I don’t leave the house without knowing the local news – then I track other events throughout the day.

I also have decided the newscasters I let in my living room are my acquaintances. Therefore it’s totally appropriate to make fun of them, feel proud when they do something special and gossip to Walrus about them.

With all this news watching and analyzing there’s almost always something funny or bizarrely strange in the course of the week.

I love you Mika, but this picture is hysterical (photo from

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mmm…Turkey Burgers!

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I’m saying eff the ground turkey recall and making turkey burgers tonight (and grilled corn!)!

I am very excited.

Walrus resisted the idea of turkey burgers for awhile until I finally convinced him to let me make them. He is now on the light, burgery deliciousness bandwagon with me.

Here’s the recipe I converted him with (although now we make many different styles). Tonight will be similar to this, but I’m noting some variations in italics.

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This spring I started my first herb garden:

Awkward smile as Walrus decides to document "the first planting"

I have killed every plant in my past, crazy life and I was anxious I would destroy these. Herbs are expensive, I desperately wanted this to work so I could use fresh herbs more. Read More »


Vodka Lemonade

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I’ve gotten obsessed with making vodka lemonade this summer. It’s been a great contribution to bring to bbqs and reward ourselves after a hot day’s move (both of which there have been a lot of).

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Hidden Talents

In Talking on July 28, 2011 by Edelweiss Tagged: , ,

One thing you need to know about me, Internet, is that I am kick-butt at making eggs.

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