Who I Be

I’m about to be 30 and am lucky enough to love the life I currently have.

What This Blog Be:

I’m either constantly thinking, changing and moving or laying around and aspiring to be constantly thinking, changing and moving. So I’ll probably end up spending a lot of time talking about things I want to change or move.

When Walrus Asks Why I’m Doing This (or I forget):

I’m starting this blog for three reasons:

Talking things into Thoughts:

We’ve moved 3 times in 3 years before finding the right place to settle. As a result I don’t really have any local friends to talk things through with (or dance like a punk rocker with). My man is awesome, but sometimes it’s nice to have another ear.

I’ve been a passive participant in the APW community and I’ve found a bit of a touchstone in reading about some incredible women there and in some of their blogs. I love all these fantastic words filling the ether and making a sort of lovely subconscious conversation.  Regardless of if my words are heard or not, I feel like the act of participating will help me gain clarity.

Posterity and Personal Memory:

It recently occurred to me that I wish I had journals from my teenage years to share with my nieces. I think having them see what I experienced, thought and felt at that time would help them see me as someone they can talk to and will understand. I don’t have that kind of perspective on this time of my life, but I think woman are in the process of redefining what your 20s and 30s can look like. So having a scrapbook of this time may be useful someday.

Also – I have a terrible memory. There are so many wonderful things in my life right now, I want to remember as much as possible.


Part of my job is to share what I’m doing with others through papers and in an online community. I’m having trouble finding my voice to do this. I hope that by playing here, I can work better there.


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