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Animals astirrin’!

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Continuing with the animal revolution, a shark protested Shark Week by flinging itself into the woods of NH… bring on terrible impressions of Boston accents from newscasters throughout the country.

Margaret from Failing Better Daily even noticed something.



And then the Deer joined in…

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A couple days ago, I blogged about the Animal’s Revolution . Here’s more evidence that something is afoot:

Learn more here.


Is that a peacock or are you just….

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Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar

A peacock escaped the Central Park Zoo yesterday, spent the night on the window ledge of a 5th Ave apartment, and then flew back to the zoo this morning.

  1. I watched it on the local news this morning until it flew away. And then watched the beginning of the national morning shows and the crestfallen faces of the anchors who had clearly been looking forward to a day of “Peacock Reporting” and instead were going to have to talk about the debt crisis. Again.

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