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In the beginning of our relationship I used to love the nights I slept alone. I traveled for work quite often, and while it was trying in some areas, I loved spreading out in my hotel bed all alone. I loved being in bed with Walrus, but I also loved not having someone toss and turn beside me and being able to flail my arms about.

Now I sleep better feeling his weight in the bed beside me. I tried to nap today and couldn’t. It’s harder for me to relax and slip off without him. I still glorify in having the bed to myself if he has to get up early, but if I wake up in the night and he’s not there, I’m immediately sit up, filled with terror.

I know this feeling will ebb and flow. There will be years when I’ll want a King bed so that we have as much of our own space as possible, and there will be years that I can’t sleep if he’s not home.

I think the best thing I can wish for us is that with each ebb of independence in one aspect of our relationship, there is a flow of self-discovery from another place. And one of the best things I can do for our relationship to make sure as a need for companionship ebbs in one area, I work to bring affection and partnering flowing in another way.

Bluto tried to fill in, but it wasn't quite the same


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