Houseguests and Random Observations

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I missed a post yesterday. We’re in the process of hosting our good friend for 4 days. He’s leaving tomorrow and tomorrow night two of Walrus’ friends are coming for the weekend. I’ve already announced I’m going home early one night to read. There was a point in my life I could handle 6 nights of hosting, drinking, working a full-time job and staying effervescent and cheerful. That time has past.

Yesterday was rough. Fun, but rough. I woke up with a shot glass of water on my nightstand and a half-eaten fig newton on the coffee table. Apparently I was “nibbling on the fig newton like a squirrel” and then fell asleep on the couch and had to be told to go to bed. At 10pm. I’m classy.

On the news front, this 94 year old lady seems like she’s a good time. ” Direct quote: “It really is quite an occasion to have a blimp land in your yard.” AND she looks great.

Leaving my current events theme (watching the local morning news is hindered when you have a guest in your living room). I’m not mean enough to wake an uncomfortable sleeper at 5:45am to gossip about sewer line breaks).

I own an old lady cart. Picture for the uninitiated:

Today, I saw an old man riding a bike and dragging an old lady cart behind him. It was AWESOME. I want to be that man when I’m old, only prettier. Not that he wasn’t pretty, but you know I’d like to still look like a lady.

I’m watching an Eagles Steelers pre-season game. Joe Buck just suggested Terry Bradshaw use the yellow marker to clarify his point and Terry slurred “How do you turn it on?” , on the air.

THEN (in reference that the new kick-off rule will almost  always result in a touchback),”There’s one position I could still play. Kick-off returns. Because you don’t have to run anymore.”

AND LATER wanders out of the booth to say hi to someone.

Bradshaw was a king in the 80s, and that doesn’t feel so long ago – but a teenager would disagree.

Bradshaw as king:

It reminds me of Joe Namath’s infamous sideline reporting:

Good for these guys, keeping life fun.


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