Old Lady Makers or Becoming a Dating Dinosaur

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Today I’m continuing to talk about things that make me feel old. My “meta” reflections on why will be in italics at the end of this post.

Here are three things that made me feel old today (JUST TODAY!):

1. Grinding used to be an occasional thing you saw and if someone did it seriously in high school they were kinda weird. Now apparently it’s all up in the clubs, and not the bars that me and my friends occasionally get drunk enough to turn into a club.

Apparently tutorials on how to avoid grinding have gone viral:

(By the way ladies, should you enjoy grinding – there is an ehow to help you do it right, I wish I were joking.)

2. This sweet little love story is rooted in a long-distance romance fueled in high school by Facebook and blogging and in college by Skype and song-editing.  I read my first LiveJournal entry in college and didn’t get on Facebook until a few years after I graduated. And all my friends consider me tech-saavy, I was one of the few to obsess over the meaning of AIM away messages my freshman year.


3. When talking to Wise Elk last week about possibly having a discussion with our graduating 8th graders about how to handle conflicts and break-ups in relationships, we realized one conversation would be “Do not change your relationship status on Facebook without talking to your partner first.” We also debated when breaking up via text message might be ok.

When I was in 8th grade, my “boyfriend” of about a week broke up with me over the phone. All the girls in my class were enraged he didn’t wait until the next day to do it in person.


Honestly, I think times were simpler back then. Excuse me while I go get my walker.


As I’ve started to read more personal blogs, I’ve discovered the convention of focusing on a particular theme for a week. The inside of my WordPress is a crazy milieau of half-written, poorly composed drafted posts. It’s a good representation of my head as my thoughts drift from place to place and my passions sway along with it. The topic that was so interesting when I started writing at lunchtime is now boring as I’ve processed it and moved on at the end of my work day.

So – themes are good. Themes are an on-going obsession that I explore in different ways as the world continue presents me with evidence and counter-arguments throughout the week. I can sink my teeth into themes and feel a little less flippant about my observations. But I’ll be honest – this blog will most always be flippant, I’m not ready to put my whole heart on the internet.


2 Responses to “Old Lady Makers or Becoming a Dating Dinosaur”

  1. i just saw that new phone that has a facebook BUTTON. an actual button on the phone so that you can automatically add whatever just happened to your facebook page immediately.DANGER.

    • It’s ridiculous. Google Plus has a feature where whatever picture you take on your phone can immediately get posted. I honestly feel like an old lady waving my cane at the new fangled inventions, but some things just feel unnecessary.

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