In Which News Sadness has Nothing to do with the Debt and Instead Involves Making a Pie

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I’m a little news obsessed. I wake up an hour early each day so I don’t leave the house without knowing the local news – then I track other events throughout the day.

I also have decided the newscasters I let in my living room are my acquaintances. Therefore it’s totally appropriate to make fun of them, feel proud when they do something special and gossip to Walrus about them.

With all this news watching and analyzing there’s almost always something funny or bizarrely strange in the course of the week.

I love you Mika, but this picture is hysterical (photo from

This week though, I’m just finding the news very sad. I know there are good stories out there (like the 12 year old boy that survived after drowning underwater for 20 minutes) . So it might just be my mood, or summer drawing to a close, but this week has me more frustrated than most:

  1. After 5 days of riots, Prime Minister David Cameron releases this statement, “The sight of those young people running down streets, smashing windows, taking property, looting, laughing as they go, the problem of that is a complete lack of responsibility, a lack of proper parenting, a lack of proper upbringing, a lack of proper ethics, a lack of proper morals.” Really? After sustained riots across multiple cities for almost a week, you think this is a case of bratty children. You don’t think there is some genuine anger keeping this alive? You’re not going to reflect on the causes within your social structure that could lead to so many people being deeply upset and unhappy?
  2. Our nation is obsessed with the sibling robbers. And I have to admit, I was a little too. There’s something alluring about modern day bandits. But I now know more about a man convicted of sexual battery and a woman charged with 5 hit and runs than I do about the Brooklyn girl that died while warning her friends about an erratic car.

But even in the sad stories, there are proud flashes of humanity of people using the media to channel their grief and share the pieces that want remembered.

When 30 Americans died when a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, 22 Navy SEALs were eulogized throughout the media. The grieving 10 year-old son of the helicopter pilot wanted his father honored and remembered and sent his father’s photo into CNN’s iReport and that action introduced countless people to Bryan Nichols and what a great father he was.

And when food blogger, Jennifer Perillo, unexpectedly lost her husband. She turned the outpouring of support from her online community into an opportunity for more love in the world. She’s asking anyone that feels for her to “…help my healing process, make a peanut butter pie this Friday and share it with someone you love. Then hug them like there’s no tomorrow because today is the only guarantee we can count on.” And the word has spread, I heard about it on PBS’ blog. (Read a post about her husband with this request on her blog, In Jennie’s Kitchen ).

So I’m turning this week of news and world hating around and taking some time to give some love. I’ll post my peanut butter pie outcomes next week. Join me in making one, or just remember to give an extra hug.




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