30 Day Challenge: Make Things Pretty: Day 8

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Every day for the next 30 days I’ll spend at least 30 minutes making something prettier (or admiring beauty and therefore making my mind pretty!).

Day 8 (last night) Watched Johnny Cash documentary on the Bio Channel.

Start Time – 10:00pm

End Time– 11:30pm (I recorded the last 30 minutes and went to bed)

If you happen to stumble on this in your TV listings I definitely recommend it.

Some highlights include:

  • Awkward testimonials from Lamar Alexander(hear him using the word “naughty”), Al Gore (reminding us of why he hasn’t quite stuck-  smart, but states the obvious without charisma), Snoop (as the representative of the “gangsta” perspective), and that guy from the Wire

    Steve Earle, musician and Bubs supporter

  • Shots of prison that include lots of white men looking like the cast from Grease, my first time reflecting on what the minority prisons must have looked like
  • Learning about Johnny Cash’s childhood and putting a face to the New Deal, which brought up two thoughts:
  1. The former version of the “American Dream” involved experiencing hardship but having a path to work your way out of it. Johnny Cash was a voice for that pain and the New Deal gave people a path they could follow if they worked hard enough. We don’t have any tales like that in popular media today, either those stories need to be uncovered (and they do exist) or we need a new narrative to resonate with our generation.
  2.  As things happen in life, earlier that day I had just read an editorial comparing Obama and today’s economy with FDR and the New Deal, which I would also recommend.

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