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Things I’m reacting to that have nothing to do with the National Debt

1. Happy 50th, Mr. President.

2. There’s a recall of ground turkey and it’s super shady. The company that’s doing the recall isn’t the company listed on the packages. So – basically I can’t make my awesome turkey burgers for awhile because I don’t know who to trust. AND you can only get a refund on your turkey meat if the package is unopened. Not Fair. If you sell me poisonous meat and I hear about it while I’m cooking with your meat, I should get my money back.

3. A man was digging at the beach when everything collapsed and he was trapped under 6 feet of sand for 20 minutes. And a quick Google Search tells me that’s actually pretty common. Whaaat?!

4. Paul McCartney’s ex-wife’s voicemail was allegedly hacked by a different British tabloid News of the World. And now the whole world knows he actually sang “We Can Work it Out” on her voicemail after a fight. Poor Paul.

5. A bride is suing a Park Slope venue because there’s going to be scaffolding over the stairway the day of her wedding. Her rationale is that she imagined people blowing bubbles at her as they exited and that now that can’t happen. But if it was raining that day, it couldn’t happen either. The venue didn’t know they would need to do the repairs when she booked and they’re offering her a catering discount. Granted – I’m skeptical of most wedding vendors. But it bothers me that the reporters abandoned objectivity on this to take the bride’s side. It doesn’t seem so cut and dry. It just feels like another example of the media catering to self-entitlement and “image” being the most important piece of a wedding.

6. A child pornography network was uncovered . Child pornography¬† is terrible and deeply saddening – so I don’t understand why newscasters feel the need to use the term “kiddie porn”. Seriously? “Kiddie” doesn’t save you any syllables and it just makes me spend the next week being grossed out anytime I see the word “kid”. Let’s change that trend.


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