Small things are the first I forget, and I want to always remember

In Talking on August 3, 2011 by Edelweiss Tagged: , ,

Part of the 45 minute "whine until you take us outside to play" marathon

Walrus just came in here and suggested that since it’s going to be cold and rainy tomorrow he should make clam chowder. (Even though tomorrow is Wednesday and it’s supposed to be my day to cook). He then offered to stop at the store after work and pick up good bread and corn to go with it.

Me: But it’s supposed to rain so we can’t grill the corn. (and as a corn snob I insist on my corn being grilled)

Walrus: I don’t care. I’ll stand out there in a poncho and grill it.

Jeb enters. Meows as he’s been doing insistently for the past 20 minutes. Along with climbing on things and falling off them.

Walrus: Do you just want attention, Jeb? Is that all you want? I’ll give you attention. Picks Jeb up and hugs him. You’re a great cat Jeb.

Walrus puts Jeb down walks in the bedroom and pets Bluto.

Walrus: and you too, Bluto.

I’m the luckiest. Seriously.


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