Is that a peacock or are you just….

In Read or Overheard on August 3, 2011 by Edelweiss Tagged: , , ,

Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar

A peacock escaped the Central Park Zoo yesterday, spent the night on the window ledge of a 5th Ave apartment, and then flew back to the zoo this morning.

    1. I watched it on the local news this morning until it flew away. And then watched the beginning of the national morning shows and the crestfallen faces of the anchors who had clearly been looking forward to a day of “Peacock Reporting” and instead were going to have to talk about the debt crisis. Again.

  1. Can you commission short stories? Because I would love someone to write a comedy about the angst caused by the apartment-dwellers that had the peacock perched on their window all night.
  2. Between the peacock, the Bronx Zoo Cobra, the Peahen, the Mountain Lion in Connecticut, and today’s headline about Bigfoot in NJ, I’m officially convinced the animals are plotting something. I hope they all remember how much I love them and how nice I was to my pet cow, Teddy.
  3. I don’t know how I feel about the fact that it flew back to the zoo. Is it happy to be there with it’s one night adventure, or does it feel like a loser who couldn’t cut it? You’re not a loser, Peacock, Central Park is much better than 5th Ave.

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