30 Day Challenge: What is it?

In Countdown on August 3, 2011 by Edelweiss

Challenge: Spend 30 minutes every day for 30 days either making something prettier or admiring and learning about something pretty.

Ok – so I was first learned about the 30 Day Challenge from Mighty Girl who is embracing the challenge in a really awesome way with 30 days of fun.

Being a dork, I immediately started reading up about it and watched this TED talk.

I am the queen of getting obsessed with hobbies or the idea of hobbies and then leaving half-finished projects all over the place. My grandpa was the same way. Growing up every other room had some woodworking project, half-installed door or something else going on. I remember when I started sleeping over there a lot, he set up this whole special area for me to use in their bedroom with a big Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe and decorations and shelves. Then my bed ended up being a piece of foam on some wood with a brand-new yellow quilt. It was made with love and I loved it back…but sometimes I still wish I had inherited a finishing gene from someone else.

And I definitely rocked that side ponytail

So. I’m going to embark on this challenge to try to start  habit about tasks and projects. And, of course, I’m starting this at the same time I’m starting a blog and I secretly want to start the 100 Push-Up Challenge (because how sick would that be?!) and I’m trying to get better at wishing people a happy birthday on Facebook. Maybe it’s taking on a little too much. But whatever – it’ll be fun trying.

I figured I’d like the cosmic symmetry of starting a 30 Day Challenge on the first of the month, and therefore procrastinated figuring out what my challenge would be until August 1st. (We’re ignoring the fact August has 31 days, I always hated that rhyme anyways.) And since we’re still trying to get our house in order and I have half-finished embroidery and photo projects all over the place, I landed on a 30 Day Challenge to “make something pretty”. I mentioned this at work and my wise-beyond her years co-worker, who will probably end up on here with a nickname like Wise Elk, and she immediately said “If you’re going to do that then you’ll have to blog about it or something. Otherwise you’ll get o the point where you take a glass of water off the TV and call it ‘prettier’.” That’s true. This blog is still a secret, but even so, I hadn’t decided to blog this challenge. When Wise Elk convinced me that I wouldn’t do it unless I created a sense of accountability, I got a minor case of commitment-phobia.

I summoned my inner Henry Clay and came to the GREAT COMPROMISE OF THE 30 DAY CHALLENGE. Can you feel the intensity?

– I can count admiring and learning about pretty things as fulfilling the challenge

– It has to be at least 30 minutes devoted to the same activity

– which also means I can break a longer project up over multiple days

and here we are.

Challenge: Spend 30 minutes every day for 30 days either making something prettier or admiring and learning about something pretty.

Go! (as of yesterday)


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