30 Day Challenge: Make Things Pretty: Day Two

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Every day for the next 30 days I’ll spend at least 30 minutes making something prettier (or admiring beauty and therefore making my mind pretty!).

Day 2 Attended a workshop at the Newark Museum about teaching the 150th anniversary (sesquicentennial) of the Civil War.

Start Time – 12:o0 (noon. am or pm?)

End Time– 4:30pm

The most beautiful things I saw all day were… the bones of the Newark Public Library, the Newark Museum and Newark Broad Street Station. It’s clear at one point in time there was great hope in Newark. That’s the topic for a completely different conversation, but something I’ve started dwelling on lately.

The thing I liked the most today were the questions you can ask kids or anyone else intimidated by art to get them to feel more comfortable. Like:

  • What does this person’s face tell you?
  • Why do you think that part is darker and the other lighter?
  • Why do you think the piece (sculpture, painting, poem)  was made this size as compared to that size?
  • Who do you think bought this and why?
  • What would the “argument” piece to this be?
  • Why did the artist pick this moment to devote so much time to?

Anyone can have an opinion about any of these. And if they have an opinion and they voice it, they’ll feel more comfortable thinking deeper. Sometimes the best thing you can do is ask the question.

A Winslow Homer slideshow as compared to “Near Andersonville” :


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