30 Day Challenge: Make Things Pretty: Day 3

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Every day for the next 30 days I’ll spend at least 30 minutes making something prettier (or admiring beauty and therefore making my mind pretty!).

Day 3 Assembled a pub table!

Start Time – 6:46pm

End Time– 7:14pm

We had free bar stools, but nothing to do with them. So I found a pub table on clearance at Target that we can use in the kitchen or bring out to our mudroom if we want to get some outdoors in rainy or cooler weather.

Before: Box taking up a corner of the kitchen.

Pulling out all the parts and crazy directions. Excess packaging is drowning this country.

I love Allen wrenches, but I don’t understand why they come with every assembly item. Can’t we get to the point where it’s a tool manufacturers assume you own, like a hammer?


AND because I hadn’t hit the 30 minute mark, I took out the recycling…

AND rolled out the runner I got at a garage sale in our mudroom.

Aww! Your applause is too kind.


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